by Olga

Walking in the last month of Spring … all of us pretty much begin to make plans for the summer that arrives! With the thermometer rising dangerously from day to day, we are ready for our first dives. But until you organize your summer holidays do you anticipate one (why not for more …) escapes even for a two days somewhere near Athens? For example, is it time for an excursion to the beautiful Saronic Gulf?

Surely most of you have heard about Hydra, surely some of you have already visited or plan to do so in the future. But what makes the island of Hydra so dear? What is it that makes her stand out? Let’s see together … Why in Hydra? Why…

  • Hydra  is one of the most picturesque small Greek islands,  while still remaining majestic and cosmopolitan (see Onassis, Callas, etc.)! It is no coincidence that the “Archontissa” of the Argosaronikos has been given to her!
  • Hydra is one of the most popular destinations given its proximity to the port of Piraeus, without losing the simplicity for which it stands! Its proximity makes it ideal for a short excursion even for a weekend!
  • In Hydra you can move to every corner of the island on foot! Okay, there is also a water taxi for anyone bored! To get to the last beach you will need about half an hour walking, hat, sunscreen and plenty of water! On the way do not miss to be photographed at the Red House (see Gorgones and Mages …)!
  • In Hydra as long as you stay on the island you will not hear a horn of a car or machine and that’s because … very simply not all kinds of wheeled vehicles are allowed! Hydra has been declared preserved!
  • In Hydra you will walk next to beautiful donkeys, a trademark of the harbor of Hydra and perhaps the most multi-photographed card postal of the island!
  • While walking around the narrow streets of the island you will discover fantastic craft shops with hand made creations and of course the store of internationally acclaimed designer Eleni Votsi who designed the Athens Olympic Medal and then decided to be her own design that will adorn the front view of all subsequent Olympic Games!
  • Hydra has a significant historical significance because of its great naval power during the 1821 Revolution and the role it played in its outcome. Her nautical force is taught by the Naval School that adorns the harbor! Just like the time back …
  • In Hydra a multitude of mansions, museums and monasteries make up a beautiful palette of colors that spreads generously in front of you when you hit your foot in the harbor, making it a unique source of inspiration for artists!
  • In Hydra you will swim in the blue sea overlooking its unique harbor with five minutes walk! All you have to do is lay a towel on the pier, from which you will enjoy cool dives!
  • Hydra hosts wonderful shops with delicious food and all budget. The more you walk, the more you discover and believe … there are small diamonds waiting to be discovered!
  • The rich tradition of the island and the diverse natural environment that is the paradise of the walker and the naturalist, as its mild climate favors hiking all year round! Over the course of time you will find plenty of events and events such as the mountain running race (for stronger players)!

For all of the above reasons, travelling to Hydra is a choice that does not require a special organization and panic! Besides, the summer is loading and we need to be a little more relaxed and spontaneous in our choices!

Bring a swimsuit, your smile and good mood!

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